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18 April 2023


BioCyPlast - Biotic and abiotic factors of biodegradable plastic degradation in biowaste valorisation systems: understanding as a first step to eco-design

20 November 2023


OPAALE is a partner of the European project FLAT BREAD MINE: Flat Bread of Mediterranean area; INnovation & Emerging process & technology, funded as part of the PRIMA SECTION 1 Call (IA) Valorizing the health benefits of Traditional Mediterranean food products). This project is coordinated by Patricia Le Bail - BIA Unit-ISD team, the project brings together 10 academic partners (1) and 8 industrial partners (2). It is based on the exploration of new technologies, process innovation and reformulations to develop healthy flatbread for consumers in the Mediterranean region.
P4Y, funded by the European Interreg NWE programme, takes up the Phosphorus challenge (P). It focuses on the recovery of P from wastewater. P is a necessary element for all living organisms. Although it is a limited resource, it is largely wasted today. There is an urgent need to recycle P.

13 October 2023


Collaboration IFCPAR - Franco-Indian Center for the Promotion of Advanced Research

23 November 2023


European project MECASTARCH
The APIVALE project is built on the basis on the principles of agroecology and industrial ecology - two scientific disciplines which are inspired by the functioning of ecological processes

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