The effects of climate change, the ever-increasing global demand for energy and food, and epidemic outbreaks illustrate the extent to which the links between the environment, food and health are major societal issues. Faced with these challenges, agricultural and agri-food production models must evolve.

The development of the bioeconomy applied in a circular economy principle, associated with agroecology, can represent an opportunity for transition towards sustainable systems, respectful of environmental protection and human health.

At the heart of this bioeconomy, organic matter, its transformation and recycling play a major role and constitute the core of OPAALE's research

Our ambition

To promote innovative technological and organisational solutions for the valorisation of food materials, biomass and waste

To this end, we are developing,

either from a food perspective or for energy or agronomic use of the residues,

  • methods for characterising the physical, chemical and biological properties of materials
  • transformation processes.

Our research also aims to

  • environmental, energy and health control of the processing chain via approaches in fluid mechanics, turbulence and microbiology
  • optimising the integration of ecoprocesses within the territory by an integrated approach to value chains in order to produce decision support tools.

Our work is based on original equipment: imaging and NMR spectrometry platform, wind tunnels, experimental prototypes, chemistry and microbiology laboratories, digital simulation software.

Our areas of research

  • Characterisation of the physical, chemical and biological properties of raw materials, products, residues and surrounding air flows
  • Development and optimisation of technological and digital solutions
  • Evaluation of the services offered by the technological sector and the environmental and health impacts

Our organization

4 research teams
42 permanent: researchers (12 HDR), engineers and technical staff
Supervision of doctoral students, bac+2 to bac+5 interns

Our links

OPAALE is a research unit specific to the INRAE ​​Bretagne Normandie center

OPAALE is affiliated with the scientific departments INRAE ​​TRANSFORM and MATHNUM

OPAALE is a member of the Carnot AgriFood Transition Institute

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