The Phos4you project

P4Y, funded by the European Interreg NWE programme, takes up the Phosphorus challenge (P). It focuses on the recovery of P from wastewater. P is a necessary element for all living organisms. Although it is a limited resource, it is largely wasted today. There is an urgent need to recycle P.

P is used in rural areas as fertilizer or animal feed. It is transferred, through human food, to urban areas where 82% of European citizens live and is discharged in waste and waste water. North-Western Europe imports 100% of the P needed for these needs, while 45% of demand could be covered by the circular economy. Europe has recognised this by adding phosphorus to the list of raw materials critical to food safety in Europe and is encouraging phosphorus recycling. The project will exploit the recycling potential of P from waste water (113,000t/y P), which accounts for 26% of mineral P demand in north-western Europe. To achieve this objective, the project supports 44 companies that will build six demonstrators based on different wastewater P recycling techniques producing 5 products that can be used for fertilisation.

Contact : Marie-line Daumer

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