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The IRM-Food team aims to increase knowledge, through multidisciplinary research work, on the structure and composition of products from agriculture and agro-industry (bioproducts), at different scales (micro to macro) and under processing conditions.

The team's research combines two main approaches

• developpement of original methods in low-field NMR and MRI allowing the quantification of structural indicators specific to the matrices studied

• understanding, via these NMR and MRI methods and process engineering approaches, the structural, functional and compositional evolution during the life of the product (growth, transformation(s), storage).

The acquisition of this knowledge contributes to the improvement of the quality of bioproducts and the adaptation of processes in response to the challenges posed by climate transitions and makes it possible to provide technological and metrological solutions in the agri-food, agronomic and environmental.

One of the main specificities of the team is its involvement in the development of quantitative approaches by combining NMR and MRI in an original way. This quantitative approach is also uniquely complemented by in-house skills in signal and image processing. Quantification finds all its value in the activity of numerical modeling of processes and its experimental validation developed within the team.

The IRM-Food team participates, through the Agro-SCANs component, in the offer of the PRISM platform.

Our skills and expertise

The IRM-food team is a multidisciplinary team that brings together skills in NMR, MRI, signal and image processing, process engineering, modeling, food science.

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