Research teams

ACTA, IRM-Food, PANDOR, SAFIR, four highly multidisciplinary teams: chemistry, physics, process engineering, microbiology, food science, automation, modeling of dynamic systems, applied mathematics, fluid mechanics, metrology, scientific instrumentation, environmental analysis and geomatics.



Team ACTA develops innovative technological bricks for the control of atmospheres, the modelling/simulation and the control of turbulent aeraulic flows with heat and particle transfers.



IRM-food develops methods in NMR and low-field MRI for the quantification of indicators of the structure and composition of bio-products, which, coupled with approaches in process engineering, provide a better understanding of the dynamics of transformation of bio -matrices during their transformation. 



PANDOR develops characterization methods and processes for the treatment and recovery of effluents and organic agricultural and urban waste, with the aim of improving the sustainability of the processing channels for organic waste and residues by promoting the recycling and recovery of the various elements that compose them.



SAFIR  conducts research on the evaluation and technical-environmental and health improvement of residual biomass recovery sectors based on processes such as methanation (territorial, agricultural, micro, etc.), composting (domestic, industrial , proximity) as well as processes under development in an environmental biorefinery logic.




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