ACTA - Aeraulics and control of turbulent atmospheres


HEITZ Dominique

Dominique Heitz 
Team manager ACTA
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Our objectives

The ACTA team develops innovative technological building blocks forthe control of atmospheres by producing knowledge on the measurement modelling/simulation and control of turbulent air flows with thermal and particulate transfers.

Our team favours interdisciplinary approaches to turbulence, developed in common with the joint Inria Fluminance project team.

hese approaches make it possible to take advantage of image-based observations and to propose new numerical models for the measurement, reconstruction and control of air flows.

ACTA's activities are structured around two axes

Control of air flows and heat transfers

This area focuses on the aspects of stratification and buoyancy in turbulent flows and on the closed-loop control of these flows with the aim of saving energy. It also includes transfer to industry or maturation activities (Froiloc® patent, CEP patent) in both indoor and outdoor environments, particularly in the fields of viticulture and urban heat islands, opening up a new activity in micro-meteorology control.

Reconstruction of flows and particle trajectories

This second area concerns environmental metrology in aerodynamics. A particular effort is made to develop and transfer 3D tools for the laboratory and 2D tools for the field, with the aim of providing new knowledge on the dynamics of air flows. These approaches implement a new stochastic modelling of the fluid dynamics equations recently developed in Fluminance. The objective is to propose models capable of predicting the dynamics of air flows on large scales and in large sizes.

Our skills and expertise

The ACTA team includes specialists in fluid mechanics, automation, signal and image processing, and pure and applied mathematics.


Scientific community

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