Safia BEDRE-DINE - Partial vacuum baking of flat breads

Supervisors : David Grenier and Tiphaine Lucas - UR OPAALE, INRAE Rennes

The goal of the European PRIMA-FBM project (2021-25), which involves 16 partners around the Mediterranean basin, is to consider the variability of raw materials (hard or soft wheat, barley, oats, sorghum, carob, legumes, including organic) to develop formulations of Mediterranean flat breads adapted to consumer demand and environmental constraints.

This study consists in developing a partial vacuum baking process in order to reduce the energy impact of flatbread manufacturing (operating at lower temperatures than the 300-400°C traditionally used), while preserving the expanded character of formulations based on variable mixtures of local flours. The team wants to use a numerical model of the baking process that OPAALE has co-developed.

Modification date : 13 February 2023 | Publication date : 07 December 2021 | Redactor : OPAALE